Ibercivis – ciągle żyje?

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As you already know, at Fundación Ibercivis we are dedicated to carrying out Citizen Science in any of its forms. We love that you have participated in some of our projects and we are looking forward to you doing it!

Surely you’ve heard, but next May 25 comes into force the new General Regulation of Data Protection approved by the European Union (RPGD). This new Regulation gives you more control over your personal data, as well as easier to consult, modify or request the deletion of them.

It’s very important. If you want to continue collaborating with Citizen Science, enter the following link and accept the new RPGD:

Admini projektu Ibercivis rozsyłają taki mail do użytkowników. Jednocześnie na stronie projektu oraz forum nie ma żadnej informacji na ten temat (ani żaden inny).

Dyskusja znaleziona na forum SetiUSA.

Ibercivis – ciągle żyje?
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