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Autor Wątek: BOINC Pentathlon 2011  (Przeczytany 10817 razy)

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BOINC Pentathlon 2011
« dnia: 18 Kwiecień 2011, 22:12 »

Hello dear Friends of the BOINC@Poland Team,

(I'm quite sure I had posted our Invitation already yesterday here at the Forum but it obviously got lost, so I*'m posting it again:

SETI.Germany is proud to announce the 2nd BOINC Pentathlon and we would like to invite the Team BOINC@Poland to this Challenge. Here's the official Invitation:

SETI.Germany continues its new invented challenge and invites all BOINC-Teams to participate in the 2nd BOINC-Pentathlon, following the ideals of the ancient Pentathlon.

It will start May 5th 2011 (00:00 UTC) and will end May 18th 2011 (23:59 UTC).

Like in the ancient Greece, the Pentathlon will be held in 5 disciplines. That means within 14 days the participants will have to crunch 5 different projects, all of them for a period of 5 days. That said, you can easily see that some projects will have to be crunched at the same time.

Each team that would like to participate has to sign up until April the 27th. Like in the last year the favorites in the different disciplines can be chosen by every team on their own. The project that gains the most voices will be crunched.

A list of the projects that can be chosen from can be found here, but you can also suggest other projects. (But before suggesting other projects, please check if the project and/or their servers would be able to withstand the combined BOINC forces. We do not want to bring any project server down.)

More information can be found can sign up
In the last year it was very exciting until the end.

We would really appreciate if your Team would join us and the other Teams in this exciting Challenge.

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