Formula Boinc Trophy

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Who's more Boincy?

Adam Malysz (ski jumper)
4 (21.1%)
Robert Kubica (F1 driver)
15 (78.9%)

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Hello to all Boinc@Poland members !

L'Alliance Francophone is proud to present you its brand new statistics site : Formula Boinc Trophee.
Managed by the author of the famous "User Of The Day" site (, this new Boinc Team Ranking was specially designed in order to involve Boinc Teams in more various Projects.

Please, read all the explanations about the Trophy here:

Thank you, and have a good crunch !


Added a poll, Hope it's funny ;) - Mchl


Thanks otax. We've already seen this site. It is an interesting idea. Say, whom can we contact, in order to work on Polish translation?

W nagłych wypadkach wzywać przez: mail: mchlpl[at] | PM|mchl[a]


Hello Mchl,

You can directly download the file here :
Jump is the administrator.
You can get in touch through Alps site :

Thanks for your interest.


Cytat: otax w 11 Styczeń 2008, 13:29
You can directly download the file here :

Ok. I will do that.

EDIT: done  ;D


Thanks to you !!
We are glad to see numerous Teams proposing translations.  ;D
It's on line already  ;)

In the next weeks there will be some more text added to be translated.
We still have to write down some precisions concerning how FB will work (rules).

Regards to all Boinc@Poland members !


and one question from me... i have already mention that in our team's conversation about... so... wouldn't that be better if you make the ranking on the base of for instance ski jumping rather then f1?

of course, this one is reasonable, but there is practicaly no competition between the teams... in most project points differences between the best teams might go into hundred thousends, and RAC might be different also in thousend of credits... changing a little bit the base of ranking (from f1 to ski jumping) would involve more teams into play, and, at least, in the bottom of the list there would be some changes (sometimes)..

but as i said.. it's just a thought..


Cytat: bartsob5 w 11 Styczeń 2008, 22:11... wouldn't that be better if you make the ranking on the base of for instance ski jumping rather then f1?
And it could be called Grand Prix, which is used both in F1 and ski jumping.  ;)


Hello Bartsob5 and Gave !

Maybe it would have been a better ranking ...
But I'm very ignorant of this kind of point attribution, because this sport (ski jumping) is not so much seen on TV.
Thus it would have needed first to be explained to people that don't know it : 99% of people !!

We had long discussion in AF Forum about attribution of points.
Someone wanted it to be larger, using the motobike competition model:
Look somewhere here if you understand french:

Finally we went back to formula 1, because it is very well known.
Thus having few things to explain, it was easier to make accepted.

But for sure, it could have been better ranking, but adding difficulty to launching the idea,so we preferred to keep the points principle VERY simple.  ;)



f1 is well known, indeed, but i wanted to express my doubts whether it is good puctation... you know.. it is perfect when there are 22 drivers in a race, but if there is 100 teams in each project it might not work so well...


Sure, there are not so many Teams which are honoured as with ski-jumping punctation,
but in 2007 we had already 122 Teams with at least 1 point.


this ranking favours not the best teams, but those, which are giving whole resources to one specific project...

is that fair when a team gains 10points from project, which is not popular and so they didn't need to crunch much, and is higher in ranking than a team, which was placed 9th in 10 most common project?

of course, it is unnecessary discussion, because it is impossible to design fair ranking...


Oh come on bartsob5, stop complaining  :P
There will always be a place behind, whether it will be 9th or 101st.
This system promotes teams which have many crunchers, but cooperative ones.
Still to be high in ranking, one project is not enough, so it does not favour teams specialised in one project.


ahh..Bober, our voice of reason ;)


Thanks to CPDN, we're @ 50th position now =]


7th place in CPDN, 2 points thanks to that and we're at 45th! Yeah!